Multimedia Resources

A collection of animations, video clips, audio excerpts and how-to guides to help you teach and learn about StoryCorps, sharpen your interview skills, and prepare for The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2016.


Classroom Posters

Download a full pack of “Great Question” posters and a fill-in-the-blank poster for your students to complete on their own. Print the posters, snap a selfie, and tag @StoryCorps and #TheGreatListen in your posts!

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An Intro to StoryCorps from our Founder Dave Isay

Dave Isay talks to his nephew about the origin of StoryCorps, the importance of listening, and reminds him that everyone has a story to tell.


A collection of animated shorts, with audio from interviews recorded in StoryCorps booths. These are great examples of the types of stories that emerge from interviews.


Eyes on the Stars

On January 28, 1986, NASA Challenger mission STS-51-L ended in tragedy when the shuttle exploded 73 seconds after takeoff. On board was physicist Ronald E. McNair, who was the second African American to enter space. But first, he was a kid with big dreams in Lake City, South Carolina.


No More Questions

Kay Wang was a strong-willed grandmother who was brought to StoryCorps by her son and granddaughter. Though Kay was reluctant at first, she still had stories to tell—from disobeying her mother and rebuffing suitors while growing up in China to late-life adventures as a detective for Bloomingdale’s department store. Kay passed away just weeks after that interview, and her son and granddaughter returned to StoryCorps to remember her gentler side, which she kept to herself.


John and Joe

John Vigiano Sr. is a retired New York City firefighter whose two sons followed him into service—John Jr. was a firefighter, too, and Joe was a police detective. On September 11, 2001, both Vigiano brothers responded to the call from the World Trade Center, and both were killed while saving others. Here, John Sr. remembers his sons and reflects on coping with his tremendous loss.


The Nature of War

In 2005, Specialist Justin Cliburn deployed to Iraq with the Oklahoma Army National Guard. While serving in Baghdad, Justin formed an unlikely friendship with two Iraqi boys who lived nearby. At StoryCorps, Justin speaks with his wife, Deanne, about the lasting impression the boys left on his life.

Clean Streets

Sanitation workers Angelo Bruno and Eddie Nieves worked together for nearly ten years on the same garbage route in Manhattan’s West Village and became fixtures in the community. After 31 years on the job, Angelo retired. At StoryCorps, he talked with Eddie about the unexpected lessons he learned along the way and what he still misses about the job.


The Icing on the Cake

Blanca Alvarez and her husband risked crossing the border to immigrate into the U.S. and then struggled to make ends meet. They hoped to shelter their children from these harsh realities, but Blanca’s daughter Connie reveals how much children can really see of their parents’ lives—and the inspiration they draw from their struggles.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The Great Thanksgiving Listen is a national education project that empowers high school students to connect with an elder over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and record an interview using the free StoryCorps app.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Podcast

The weekly StoryCorps podcast dedicated an episode to highlights from the 2015 Great Thanksgiving Listen. This episode includes excerpts from interviews recorded over the Thanksgiving weekend.


#TheGreatListen Teacher Webinar

Hear from the StoryCorps team and three teachers who used the #TheGreatListen Teacher Toolkit in their classrooms last year. All handouts are available in the StoryCorps in the Classroom Facebook group.


Dave Isay’s 2016 TED Talk

Isay recaps the success of the 2015 Great Thanksgiving Listen, shares clips from interviews and expresses his excitement for the ways TGTL will grow.


Dave Isay’s 2015 TED Talk

Isay introduces the StoryCorps app, gives background on StoryCorps and discusses the ways the app will allow StoryCorps to reach even more people than ever before.

Interview Tips with Steve Inskeep

Host of NPR’s Morning Edition, Steve Inskeep, gives advice on how to choose questions, sharpen up interviewing skills and what to do about silence.